TLC Weekly Update December 10, 2021


What an interesting week that S&P managed to erase the panic selloff since US Thanksgiving close, yet not able to clear that level until last 15 minutes before Friday close. Three days of serious attempt to take out that close but no cigar. Given normal circumstances, the Christmas rally will levitate towards the all-time-high with little to no effort. But are we in normal situation this year?

What about covid scare, geopolitical tensions and Fed tightening?

All these governments coming out right on cue telling their citizens that this winter there will be disaster level of covid cases and paddle everyone to take another jab just in case. Well, I guess that will work on quite a large number of people because the fear and anxiety build up among many people due to the fearmongering has trained so many people to believe that covid is a deadly disease with mortality rate north of 50%. Yes, there are still people believing in that …

Lately I find Google search becoming extremely unreliable. I may find an article about the covid situation and next thing I know I can’t find it anymore. Unless I know exactly which site I was visiting, I can’t find the same page anymore on Google. Of course, these are the articles telling the truth about vaccine injuries, etc. that we need to concern about. Sometimes one has to wonder if Google has a team of people and AI bots that constantly scrubbing their search results just like what the novel 1984 describes.

Magnus Carlsen has successfully defended his World Chess Champion title in classical chess today. Given he is still so young at 31 years old, one has to wonder if he will continue to dominate the classical chess scene for a long long time … sad story for the rest of the top players in the world.

A new machine made for suicide will be available soon in Switzerland. Up to now, for people who choose to end their lives by choice need help from other people which leads to complex legal and technical issues surrounding the operation. With this machine, the final moment of a person is fully controlled by the person which is one step further in ensuring those who assisted the act are not legally liable. But this story reminds me of an old episode of Futurama. Can’t help it!

For those of you aspiring traders, here is a very good podcast from Dr. Huberman on fear and traumas. Trading losses and the circumstances that lead to the losses often traumatize the trader and program them into bad trading behaviours. Understanding how to handle fear and traumas based on science can help you forge a better trading career.

Can’t believe that we are within 3 weeks from 2022. Although I am working around the clock yet more work pile on everyday. The good news is that we are making good progress with our projects. I am optimistic more than ever that we are on track to accomplish our goals in 2022.

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