TLC Weekly Update December 17, 2021


Last option expiration of the year ended with extreme wild swings all day. I thought only Tesla can trade like penny stocks. And now other major index components are going crazy like Tesla. Even the indices themselves are no longer stable. This is not normal and surely not the best time to engage the markets …

Don’t know why I bumped into this article but it is interesting to read and the video is quite funny. A form of escape movement to fight idiocy of our governments and crazy political groups.

Here is a video about classic math vs. Wolfram Alpha. If I were the teacher I would not know what to say too.

Talking about idiocy, that reminds me of the peter principle. Think about all those politicians who are holding onto their seats for many terms AND that they are appointed to lead specific committees and departments of the governments worldwide for which they have no expertise in. And then there are those department heads in the government who are stuck at their positions forever. How can governments function properly at all when Peter Principle working in full force?

Last two weeks of the year is time for us to reflect on what we have accomplished this year and what can we do to improve our lives in the coming year. I will try to do that myself and hopefully come up with a new set of interesting challenges.

Have a great weekend all!

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