TLC Weekly Update December 24, 2021


Today is Christmas Eve. Stock markets are closed. What to do with the extra time on hand? I’ve decided to cook a turkey and share it with friends.

This is a book I just ordered. Someone recommended the book to me saying that the information exposed by the book should help everyone in the world to wake up and ask some serious questions. If you have children, it is your obligation to know what the governments are doing to make your kids sick.

Here is a great story on how one can build a successful business from scratch without expensive education or big budget. For my young readers, it is an inspiration for you to take actions and really take control of your future. The world no longer reward those with just an undergrad degree a decent salary. You must look out for yourself or things can get real bad before you know it.

Veritasium has a new video that does a great job explaining the difference between analog and digital computers with a very interesting story about a computer that I’ve never heard of.

Merry Christmas!

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