TLC Weekly Update December 31, 2021


Last day for year 2021 also happened to be a Friday today. What a year the world went through.

I took time to reflect on what happened this year and am very grateful that I made good progress in building my proprietary trading firm. So much was done and so many doors are opened thanks to hard work by my team. One area that deserves more of my attention is my health as I tend to eat whatever most convenient when I am extremely focus on hard problems. Yep, that means instant noodle and other fast food.

Need to figure out a way to stop doing that …

This is a great video interviewing a former Fed trader. It is a long video packed with information and it will give you an idea what the Fed may do next.

A drunk Magnus helped a friend to trash the opponent in seconds. I feel sorry for the guy on the opposite side who must be wondering what the hell happened …

Although the US stock markets are printing new all time high over the past few months, Turkey, however, has been facing a disastrously collapse of its currency and stock market. Understanding what happened to Turkey financial system matters because it is what may unfold to other insolvent countries that are facing hyperinflation like Turkey in coming years.

For me, this weekend is the same as other ones as we have lockdown restrictions here so no big parties and no gatherings beyond a few friends. I choose to finish more work thanks to some sudden surge in inspirations I got over the past few nights. It will be a quiet and peaceful night for me to countdown by myself to year 2022.

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

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