TLC Weekly Update December 3, 2021


First time in over a year than we have seen a pullback from all-time-high of almost 5%. None of the retail “traders” or “investors” who opened their brokerage accounts during this covid crisis have seen any kind of correction at all. How are they going to response? Would they keep buying? Is the illusive market bubble burst is finally here?

I have no answer to that because I only day trade the indices. I don’t care where it is heading after market close. Better sleep, better health.

For crypto players, the Bitcoin and Ethereum divergence is a real concern. If in a few short weeks BTC fails to catch up with the new leaders in crypto, it can signal a much more serious correction in store for the crypto space as a whole.

For those of you considering to get vaccinated for covid or really any kind of disease, watch this video so that you know what to do to make sure you are getting your vaccine injection done correctly. I am sure many people are injured by their vaccination against covid already due to this single mistake made by the authorities.

There is no way to reverse the damage at this point but then why aren’t governments worldwide admitting to this deadly mistake so that there is no further harm done to the people? So far the Canadian government of all levels have not changed their protocol as if they don’t know they are hurting people … I am not disappointed though because I know for sure they don’t care if people are badly hurt or killed.

Here is a funny video to poke fun at one of these useless governments. One thing I don’t agree with the video though is that vaccination has always been the wrong solution to any pandemic throughout human history. Frontline treatment that reduces the severity of the symptoms or simply taking care of the patients has always been the best way.

For all those fans from overseas who think USA is the place of freedom and opportunities, watch this video to learn the truth. If you are really longing for a better life and future for your family, rule out USA and majority of the Western countries as the destination. Do you really believe those places that do not treat their own people well will somehow treat you better?

Solar eclipse later on tonight. If you are interested in checking it out, here is the information you need. This will be a full eclipse but it is only visible at several regions including Australia, New Zealand, South America and South Africa. The best viewing place being Antarctica and I don’t think any of you will be in there area tonight.

It used to be the case that during holiday season everything slows down for traders. Trading smaller size, catch up on bookkeeping, etc. was the norm. This year, however, I have big plans for the coming year. So much work has piled up with no time to spare. It will be an interesting year end for me.

Have a great weekend all!

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