TLC Weekly Update January 15, 2021


A relatively calm trading week after what happened last week. Yet it still ended with wild swings thanks to monthly option expiration today. Next week is POTUS inauguration. I guess many traders would love to time warp to the week after.

We are having a more restrictive lockdown in Ontario starting this week. We were told that we should stay at home unless we really need to go out. I find it funny though that the province owned liquor stores are deemed essential service and stays open throughout the whole crisis.

I continue to work hard on my various research projects but due to multiple equipment problems progress is slowed down quite a bit. I find it interesting that this type of problems usually cluster together once every few years. Maybe it has something to do with the astrology setup in the sky. LOL …

A fun read about a gentlemen’s bet made 25 years ago about the future of the world. The hostility of the “journalist” against the “novelist” is very obvious. After reading the article I am amazed that the bet was even made. Just think – if the novelist is correct, there is nothing left for him to collect!

My research on history landed me on this amusing cooking video of medieval monks. I am not that interested in sweet stuff but the stories he tells in the video are good. Enjoy!

After I watched the cooking video, somehow youtube showed me this video on how SPAM is made. I always wonder why SPAM can command a much higher price comparing to other “luncheon meat”. I have a better idea now.

I will probably write an article for my series, My Journey to Fully Automate My Trading. It is a good time to reflect on what I learned over the past year.

Have a great weekend all!

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