TLC Weekly Update July 16, 2021


This is option expiration Friday again. Earlier today a stock market veteran I know for years commented about the market actions this week and then asked for my opinion. Serious, when people talk like that they are just asking for your agreement. I do my usual thing by telling him that it is just option expiration week. This is how funny the world is because human in general have no higher awareness … in a few weeks time he will repeat the same mistake all over again.

Last week I mentioned a better video platform called Odysee. To follow-up on that, here is a video of the US government trying to squash this platform by wasting US taxpayers’ money to destroy it through lawsuits. Whenever you see a government doing things like this, you know which side is the bad guy.

Here is a video from Dr. Paul Mason on how misguiding your doctors can be when it comes to taking care of their patients’ health. I am 100% sure 98% of the licensed doctors out there do not know enough basic science or latest understanding of human physiology to be really qualified to take care of their patients. Remember it is your job to take care of yourself properly. Being ignorant nowadays can be deadly. With great videos like those created by Dr. Mason, you can learn as much as you are willing to and improve your health starting today.

For those of you active investors, here is a video about a subject I talked often in my newsletter – global population implosion. I try very hard not to touch on this subject publicly for years. Now that someone made a video about it, you can watch it and be prepared for the inevitable.

Another week is over and yet I still haven’t been able to catch up with my projects. The hardware issues happened last few weeks really messed up my plan. There is no other way out of this – just put in more hours to catch up.

Have a great weekend all!

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