TLC Weekly Update June 11, 2022


Another hectic week ended and I am very glad that it is over – I completely forgotten one video meeting which is something that never happens before, then my trusted router fried and Amazon don’t know where my package has gone …

Many investors around the world are wondering what to expect in coming months as the US stock markets have erased all its gains made just 2 weeks ago. Well, for a longer term outlook, you can watch this discussion by Joseph Wang “Fed Guy”. One thing why it is so hard to understand what is going on is that it is not the usual interest rate going up or down situation. Joseph Wang gave a very detail explanation of what Fed is going to do. With a better understanding of the mechanism behind, I hope you will be prepared.

Don’t know how I bumped into this story. Interesting read about two girls born together yet leading completely different lives. Good example of awareness and having the right mental model will determine the outcomes in life … not your birth time.

For those of you who is interested in human history, you can check out this video. What is presented poses a serious challenge to the so-called “accepted science” of human history. Whether you think what he said is correct is a separation discussion though.

I was asked a lot lately about my view on bitcoin and crypto space as a whole. My take is simple. All ground breaking technological breakthroughs go through the boom and bust cycle. Go read up about the mass production of calculators or more recently the public adoption of internet. It will take time before the crypto space mature and who knows how it will look like in the future.

One thing for sure is that I don’t like people comparing crypto with gold. Physical gold does not need electricity to “exist” like crypto. Gold is a universal medium of exchange. Gold is also a form of insurance when the government cannot be trusted.

Got to play catch up this weekend.

Have a great weekend all!

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