TLC Weekly Update May 15, 2020


Another roller-coaster ride with the stock market when the world is trying to re-open from lockdown. It is very interesting from an observer point of view. For many traders, however, it is a difficult week to deal with.

I will be busy this weekend upgrading to support SSL connection. Significant changes to everything within the site must be done to make it fully support SSL. I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping that everything will work out smoothly.

Interesting read on the way how the antique books were made. I never thought of the implications.

Tom Bilyeu conducted an interesting talk with Ray Dalio. It is long and packed with information. If you are concerned about the near term future what’s in store like the economy and outlook of job openings, check this video out.

One important theme Ray Dalio explained in the video is that coming 3 to 5 years will be very difficult time for many. It is important to figure things out and upgrade yourself with more knowledge so that you are flexible enough to take on the future challenges.

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