TLC Weekly Update May 21, 2022


Yet another option expiration week ended with the indices doing what seems crazy swings that drive the MSM bullshit even more trying to explain what happened. It is simply option expiration market dynamics, nothing more!

A glimpse into the psyche of those who believe in “web3” and cryptos – it is no difference from those who believed in the internet back in year 1999-2000. None of these young adults involved in the current crypto craze would remember what happened back then. And I am sure none of them read history over the past 2000 years in detail to understand the rise and fall of technologies.

On the other hand, there are people who go “all-in” just because they think they understand how it works.

A year ago the world has started to question the energy consumption dilemma of crytpos. My take is simple as I know about this problem for several years already and could not find anyone in the crypto space talking about it or at least address the issue head on. As long as a crypto has this fundamental problem, it is worth nothing.

This means, if you are getting into crypto trading or speculation, and that you have this knowledge about the energy consumption problem, you will do fine because you know the risk is complete wipeout anytime and scale your risk properly.

So much babbling from me on crypto, time to switch the subject.

Another great video from Patrick Boyle. This time it is addressing the important issue of food shortage coming across the globe. For those who has the space and cash reserve, it may be a good idea to stock up food for the coming months.

For those of you who invest in the stock markets, here is a video summarizing Michael Burry’s point of view of what to expect in coming years. He is bearish for different reasons from mine but it is always a good idea to hear what other experts think about the current market environment. Keeping an open mind is essential in navigating the chaotic market moves these days.

We are experiencing a thunderstorm here at the moment. That disrupted my plan to clean up my outdoor space. So, what’s better than writing this and reading some books until the storm is over?

Have a great weekend all!

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