TLC Weekly Update November 19, 2021


Another option expiration Friday. Another new all-time-high for Nasdaq 100 and S&P500. It is not a surprise because we know hyperinflation is here. But when will the world accept this reality?

Saw this news that Austria is going to lockdown next week and also go for mandatory vaccination by next year. I have couple of Austrian friends over there. This is another prime example of a country refuses to provide real treatments for their citizens. How hard is it to admit that you can pretty much prevent any form of serious covid cases using prohylaxis treatment and inform the citizens to do that?

Obviously I do not understand why all these crazy politicians and their so called medical experts choose to kill their people instead of protecting them. I am just too dumb to see what’s the endgame they are planning with such immoral decisions.

The real science is all there and has been published since almost a year ago. Just that WHO and other official medical bodies never made the information available to the mass public. To make the situation worse, MSM and major online platforms are blocking these information from being known. The other day when I was talking to a friend, he has no idea that you can protect yourself from covid or serious covid issues by simply being more healthy.

Even this doctor who is quite respected by the vaccination proponents has admitted there could be ways to help. And if you think FDA’s actions of forbidding existing drugs from being “repurposed” to treat another illness is correct, watch this video and it will blow you away.

So what kind of world are we living in, really?

Maybe we are indeed living in a lie. If your background is more in line with “basic” scientific thinking, what Donald Hoffman said in the video makes no sense. But what if I tells you that in more advanced physics, with our most basic model of the universe, it takes at least 10 dimensions to describe it?

Then you have to question yourself how does the reality looks like in those other dimensions?

What if our consciousness exists in one or more of those dimensions instead of the 4 dimensions we experience everyday?

Well, that will put science in line with the wisdoms from the ancient spiritual leaders …

Here is an interesting topic that can have very significant economic and societal impact in the near future. I never thought of potash as something that plays such important role in the world. This is an eye opener that helps me think deeply on what the consequences will be in coming few years.

This is yet another busy week coming to an end. With so much work piled up, my guess is that I have to utilize the Christmas holidays to catch up. What a nice way to spend the holidays …

Have a great weekend all!

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