TLC Weekly Update November 6, 2020


US election was over but the messy process of getting a US president for the next term has just started. Hopefully my prediction, that it will take years to resolve the issue, is wrong. Some people suggest that US should really be split into two countries instead of one since the votes are so distinctly divided at 50/50 level. They may have a point.

I have an extremely productive week. Multiple issues with deploying automated trading strategies are resolved. New strategy development effort has achieved great progress. Since travel around the world is still quite troublesome, looks like I will stay in Toronto doing R&D all the way into end of this year.

I grew up playing 2D fighting games. And I am pretty bad at it. Somehow I watched this video on the Tekken 7 world championship final. Amazing precision and control. How do they do that?

Just a fun video on the fastest robot solving a Rubik’s cube.

It is disappointing to see US sinking into chaos. Once upon a time, it was safe to send your children by US postal. What went so wrong that this once superpower of the world has turned into a disgrace?

I guess politics is really not my thing. Better focus on my trading.

Have a great weekend all!

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