TLC Weekly Update October 29, 2021


This week has been the most peaceful one I’ve experienced since August. From total chaos all piled in a few short weeks to now that everything seems to go back to normal, it feels surreal.

Watched this interesting video on blood viscosity. Timely video for those of us living in very cold region. This winter if flu and covid make a big wave here, just being more prepared will improve our odds of a safe and healthy passage over the next few months.

This year we have a late daylight saving time switch over by November 7 due to the fact that Halloween happens on this Sunday. I wonder how this Halloween will be celebrated given that I do not see many houses in my area decorated for the event … what a difference from two years ago.

RT did this clip of Putin’s speech about the current issues faced by many Westernized countries. This makes me think deeply on how much the world has fallen that it takes Putin to point such things out? Yet, these people deep in their psychosis will never be able to snap out of it because I rarely seen anyone nowadays willing to admit “they are wrong”.

Someone sent me this video that exposes a very serious problem with the the current covid vaccine companies. The way they leverage their power over the countries with terms that indicate something must be very wrong with their products is beyond evil. Yet, many countries chose to sleep with the devil. I now seriously worried what these companies know that they have to structure the terms this way.

Time to stop worrying about these things … so much is going in the world and that my close ones are all doing alright makes me more grateful everyday.

Happy Halloween!

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