TLC Weekly Update November 5, 2021


All time high magic continues to dazzle everyone in the market. No one knows how long this will last and how much further the markets can push. Some market veterans and bearish gurus keep calling for a crash for months now yet the stock markets are proving them wrong. Maybe they should remember that Fed is printing money non-stop 7/24 everyday at lightspeed … until that changes, welcome to hyperinflation.

There are so many idiot TV talking heads trying to talk down the impact of the hyperinflation we are dealing with now. Just spend some time walking inside a Walmart and ask people how things are getting more expensive. You will get all the answers you need. Many items are now at least 40-50% more expensive than 6 months ago. Since wages do not catch up with these price hikes, the impact is huge on many people here in North America.

The other day I watched a video about how all modern humans have the same ancestors some point in the distant past due to the fact that the DNA changes and Mitochondrial DNA inheritance properties allow us to “guess” accurately. But I recall that is not true and found the video to prove it. Based on my rough calculation, we can all throw out the bullshit theory that is in place for more than a decade. As usual though, established academia will destroy anyone who raise the question.

Ben Greenfield on butter vs. other oil products. Well, there is a movement going on for some time now since Jordan Peterson’s diet was a hot topic. The movement is about going for clean keto diet eating only beef, lamb, butter and eggs. What I learned from some of my friends is that they are “healed” from decades of ailments and chronic medical issues without any other changes to their lifestyle. It is quite amazing.

One interesting thing just happened in Europe that many of you may not be aware of. Due to the potential energy crisis this coming winter in many European countries, plans are put in place to shut down all the EV charging stations. So if you have a Tesla or whatever, your car is as good as a metal brick if the power grids there get into serious trouble. If you must drive this winter, have a backup plan.

After the “server crisis” was over, I can finally focus on my work in developing new auto trading models. My focus now switches to automate my forex trading strategies. Coding up on Emini S&P and Nasdaq 100 for so long over the past two years really gets boring. Nice to have a change working on other markets now.

Have a great weekend all!

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