TLC Weekly Update June 12, 2020


This week I finally got the chance to check out my cottage since last October. Over the past few years, it was so eventful that I can’t imagine what may have happened to the property. Several years ago, ice from the lake pushed into the shore line caused serious damages. Well, it was a really memorable moment seeing that 12 feet tall wall of ice …

This year I am happy to report that no major disaster happened to my place. Took couple of days to clean up and figure out what kind of work has to be done. The lock-down here in Ontario has not been lifted yet. Hence, no one is allowed to talk to the neighbours on the island. Everyone is just busy fixing things up. Hopefully, we will have a good summer to enjoy the place.

Another interesting read on how this world has failed itself as far as the outbreak is concerned.

For those of you who are aspired to trade for a living, understanding the human brain can help you understand why I advocate the need to minimize human decisions during trading.

Lately it seems like Youtube is showing way too many ads from questionable stock picking and trading education services. Some of these ads even feature “client testimonies” with headshots that are just clips from stock photos (just use Google image search). This is a very serious problem as two generations of young adults really do not know anything about the markets yet believing they do because they read some bullshit from the net. I don’t know if it is a sign or not but it is definitely unhealthy development.

I am supervising the wrap up of several projects that will be rolled out as part of the DaytradingBias SaaS. These trading tools are never made available to retail traders just like the other tools I have created. These tools can help retail investors to do better in all kinds of market environment. So, for those of you who are interested in market timing but do not have the time to engage the markets actively, stay tune for the announcements.

Have a great weekend all!

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